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About Us

a collection of pictures with different breads, sweets, snacks and other recipes

Hi There!

Almost all of the best and finest things you can put on a table are the result of years of passion, and patience.

You start learning how to work with the raw ingredients and how they mix together. Later on you discover the best places for shopping.


This is not a fast process, it involves a lot of trials and errors.


So this is what I am talking about: time and passion. In this log we want to share with you some recipes that are the results of years of baking (and countless failures).


Some of the recipes are very popular;  for each of them we’ve tried to explain our approach to get the best results, without holding back any secrets or tricks.


We are not professional bakers, nor famous chefs. We started writing first a collection of recipes as a way to organise our passionate work in the kitchen and to offer it to family and friends. 


We would like to share our passion with you as well.


Please let us know all your comments, feedbacks and experiences on our Social media groups.


Hopefully this will be just the beginning of a fantastic journey that will allow us to explore new recipes and make new friends.


We are already working on other ideas and recipes so bookmark, follow us, and...


Happy Baking!

Simona & Andrea

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